The just concluded parliamentary elections in Rivers State has once again brought to the fore the issue of election violence in Nigeria. Without exaggerations, Rivers State has always been on the spotlight of negativity due to political thespianism and mayhem caused during elections in the State.

The hype of plausible pre-elections violence was agog in the media. But thank goodness, the prediction of imminent violence was forestalled by the massive deployment of security personnel and logistics by the Police High Command and other security agencies. Apart from flooding Rivers State with Security personnel, the police also engaged stakeholders in order to ensure effective discharge peaceful elections in Rivers State.

Of course you are all aware of the re-run election in Rivers, I think this is the next challenge we are facing, and by the grace of God just as we did in Ondo State we are also going to do it in Rivers. We have started deployment of Officers, as we did in Ondo all those CPs that surrounds Rivers I want all of you to be around on Thursday when I come around, so that we can jointly address the men. Just the Edo and Ondo own, I want the military, Civil Defense and all those paramilitary so we can have a unified address and understand each other in the conduct of this election, it is very important, it assisted us in the past and I think it going to assist us again, we need to work together.

These suspects were responsible of several arm attacks in some parts of Rivers State during the re-run election, were a Police Officer, a DSP was gruesomely murdered. The exhibit recovered from them include 112 live ammunitions other members of the gang fled and detective are on their trail.
However, with all of the security architecture put in place to prevent election violence in the State, some unscrupulous persons still undermined the security arrangement, mayhem was let loose, political thugs invaded polling booths shooting sporadically to disrupt and snatched ballot boxes. In such instances, a Deputy Superintendent was killed. Prior, the election proper, the Inspector General had visited Rivers State where he warned that his administration will deal decisively with anyone caught fermenting trouble during and after the elections.
Matching his words with action, five suspected political thugs who were masterminds of the mayhem in Rivers have been arrested by the Police. Parading the suspects in Abuja on Wednesday.

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 December 2016


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