This week, our point of call is Benue State, the “Food Basket of the Nation”. As the yuletide period draws near, it pertinent for us to evaluate the security situation in that part of the Country.

Today on the Special Focus segment we spotlight the Benue State Police Command and the avalanche of arrest of citizen who because they have suffered attacks want to take the laws into their hands.

The fact that you are a victim of a particular crime does not gives you the right to take laws into your hands. In what has become a norm in this part of the Country, these suspects allegedly received a letter from herdsmen that they are coming to fight them, instead of reporting to the Police or other security agencies they went in purchase of arms to fight back. Read except below.


We have problem with Fulani, every year they come to our village and destroy our farm land, properties, kill our people etc. So this year they bring a letter that they are coming to fight us, so we form a vigilante group in Agatu. the elders inform the youths that since this people {the Fulani} has sent this letter let everybody prepare, get any type of arms, so we came from Otukpo to come and buy the arms on getting where to buy it, the Police arrested us.
benue suspect 2
I came home to buy a land in Otukpo so when on reaching the house my friend called me that the youth have donated money for them to buy arms, so I should help him to convey the arms from Makurdi back home, I was skeptical at first, but being an indigene of the place I offered to help, so he called his friend Emmanuel who brought us down to this place, in the process of waiting for the person that is supposed to bring the arms that is where the Police got us arrested.
benue suspect 3
I have a friend in Makurdi, so when Eric called me that Fulani people are disturbing them, that he want to come and buy arms I told him, I have a friend that will help him get the arms. So when we came to Makurdi, I called the man he said that he will connect them with his boss in the office that we should wait for him in the hotel while waiting for him the police came and arrested us.
In the last 3 months that we have been here, there are very few case of kidnap, even the last one, that a woman was kidnapped we rescue her unconditionally and arrest have been made and we are working towards ensuring that if we cannot improve on the tempo we have now, we should be able to maintain it.


I was in my house one fateful day, when this lady, called Mama Onyi, with one boy called Onyeama, came to meet me that they need a loan, so after the loan discussion, the woman brought a topic, that if we can find someone that can help her kidnap somebody, I told her capital NO.
benue suspect 4
I was with my friend, they were discussing between them, so when the person left, that my friend now told me that there is something that lady want him to help her do, but that he does not want to do it, I ask him what is that, he said that the woman want him to help her kidnap someone but that he won’t do it. the next day I was still with that my friend when the lady called again, that my friend was angry that why is the lady calling him that he does not know anybody that can do the business, so when he drop his phone I now picked the lady’s number and called her, telling her that the guy you want to help you do the business don’t want to do it, but I will help you find someone that can do the business. I called one boy that this is what someone want you to do for her, and he agreed to do it.

There is a boy called Onyeama, he came to me that I should help him that he is looking for money that he came for a marriage but the people say that he does not have money, that he should go and find money, but that he want to start finding the money from them. He said that, he met his guys and they told him to look for and insider that will help them with information. I told him that I won’t be able to do that kind of a thing that is hard, he now say that I must corporate now that am aware so that I won’t go and talk or report them to the Police, that is how they started threatening me on phone.

Last modified on Wednesday, 07 December 2016


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