The issue of Panhandling is a vital issue that affects the Society, in our Exclusive Interview we caught up with a Legal Practitioner to discuss the effect of begging on children.
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CRIME FIGHTERS: What does the law says about begging on the streets particularly with children?

Barr. Chukuwemeka Eze: It is unlawful to abuse children, using them for begging without really complying with the provisions of the law. Law has it limit, when the culture of the people tends towards abusing children, you discover that no matter what the law says people tend to obey the law in breach. So, the economic situation in this Country has forced so many parents to allow their children to be abused, they are used for purposes outside what the law provides. But if the State is alert to it responsibility those who abuse the children should be call to law. For whatever reasons these children are supposed to be protected by the State, so under the children right act law we know that there are certain things we cannot use the children for.

CRIME FIGHTERS: In your view, why will anyone resort to begging with children on the street?

Barr. Chukuwemeka Eze: some of the factors include economy; this can force parents and non-parents to put their children out for begging. People want to make more income; they believe multi-lateral income requires using children. They believe when they use children they will get the favor of people, there will be sympathy as people will like to give to the children. Even in religion people believe it right to use children to beg.

CRIME FIGHTERS: What effect will begging have on the psychic of the children?

Barr. Chukuwemeka Eze: It affects the Society in a very negative way, we can look at the eye saw on the street, when passing you will be seeing children being use for financial purposes, for income generation purposes, for deceitful purposes. It doesn’t put the society well, when investors comes in they see children running around, so it give a picture that this Society does not care for its children, and that the future does not hold something good for the children, and that children are abuse in this type of Society, so it doesn’t augur well for the Society. Even other children when they see follow children like them they feel the Society they found themselves does not care for their future. So when you celebrate children’s day you think of children on the street. This paint a picture that, we are building a Society that does not care and not only caring but for its own future. All this thing makes the children not to regards the adult because they feel if they had done what they were supposed to do then we will not have children on the street. So, it does a great damage on the psychic of the children that this society cannot take care of its own.

CRIME FIGHTERS: What is the way forward?
Barr. Chukuwemeka Eze: Rejuvenating the political will by the Government, both at the Federal and State level, to ensure the implementation of these laws. Besides we need to establish rehabilitation homes to rehabilitates some of these children, we have to get Counselors to counsel them, Psychologist for the ones that have mental problem. The State is not to condemn them but take care of them and provide a better future for them. So, State must play a part, parents too. In a situation where these children have been abuse either by the parents or economic scavengers, the State should met out the appropriate punishment to ensure that they are prosecuted and that the interest of the children are protected.

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The issue of Panhandling with children is a vital issue in the Society and has been so commonly sighted on the street of Lagos, on our Exclusive Interview today we speak with a Legal Practitioner on laws that protect a child from Panhandling and the possible ways of curbing this menace in the Society. Read more


Examination Malpractice is a menace cropping up in the Educational Sector as students now resort to unlawful ways rather than read and prepare for their exams. We chatted with the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe.
Read the Excerpt below;

Crime Fighters: How pervasive is Examination Malpractice in Nigeria?

Prof. Ogundipe: We have all manner of people coming to the University so you should know that definitely some people will try to beat the system to get whatever they want done. But the most important thing is for the system to come up with something that will help them to control cheating in the exams Students from all over the world will always try to cheat but the important thing is for the system to come up with a way to stop it.

Crime Fighters: Why do students engage in Examination Malpractice?

Prof. Ogundipe: When they are not properly prepared, when they are not involved in the teaching of the course, some feel they just have to look for short cut, and because of the pear group influence. Those are the four reasons I think students cheat in the exam.

Crime Fighters: What are the ways through which Examination Malpractice are carried out?

Prof. Ogundipe: There are a lot of ways the students are developing every time, apart from the one they called chips [writing on a sheet of paper] they now write on their palm, laps and even on their dresses. They come in with their phones communicating with friends outside the exams hall. So there are different ways through which they use to cheat.

Crime Fighters: Does the society contribute to Examination Malpractice?

Prof. Ogundipe: You can say that parent put pressure on their children. The major problem we have is that we are losing values in the Country, when you talk about values like in the past people don’t appreciate it anymore. then the issue of mentorship, who to see as role model, who to refer to as role model is reducing, factors like this are putting unnecessary feeling about the larger society, the value issue is going down so in essence they just feel let me just go to school, get my degree, go out there if there is job then if not fine.

Crime Fighters: How do we curb this problem?

Prof. Ogundipe: We can only reduce it, because we will still have students who always want to be smart, they just want to do something outside what others are doing. What we can do is try to counsel them, then issue a continuous assessment, but the most important thing is to counsel them, so they have confidence in their ability, rather go into exams malpractice.

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Child abandonment and sales of children is a serious issue in the society, in our exclusive interview we speak with an expert on the subject matter, Timi Odugbemi the founder of Children on the Street Programme.

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