Cybercrime is commonly encountered type of crime nowadays and we - people of the 21st century have to know how to avoid it. Mobiles, whether smartphone or iPhone, are mini computers, so all vulnerabilities of a computer are on it, usually with a less-protected operating system. With the advent of iPhones, smartphones and tablet computers our everyday life has become easier.

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In a rapidly changing technological age the electronic payment system is not only an easy and acceptable mode of transacting business, but increasingly becoming a way of life when it comes to meeting financial obligation from day to day. Read more


In major Cities of the world CCTV are permanent fixtures across the landscape, private residence and business places. They are hanged visibly from the top or other strategic locations. We look at how to prevent crime using this security device. We talk with an expert…
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The Cyber Security in Health Industry is critical as it relate to data storage and information management. We continue our discussion with Dr. Akanmu.
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Crime fighters: How important is information to the health industry?

Dr. Akanmu: Information and data before now are collated on paper and hard copies, what electronic data storage has brought to us today is the ability to key in those information in an electronic format that you can store and have duplicate which can be retrieve at any point in time. Today medical data and information are electronically captured. In the health industry the people we are afraid of are the scientific fraudsters who are looking for publication and want to reap from where they did not sow, and then the next group of people are the outsiders who want to have medical information of their friends, colleagues or relatives for one reason or the other.

Crime Fighters: How can the public have trust in their medical information?
Dr. Akanmu: We call it confidentiality, and this oath is administered at the beginning of every year, applied to all the officers and nurse working in the hospital. The meaning of this oath taking is to assure your prospective patient that their information will be kept secured unless otherwise maybe a command from a competent court of law. Without that you have no right to make the patient information available to the public.

Crime Fighters: What is the relationship between Cyber Security and Health Industry?
Dr. Akanmu: Hospital records today should be kept electronically, you must keep electronic data because the hard copies that we were used to don’t last long at most is five years and the paper becomes tattered and the ink faded sometimes the whole register or book can be missing and you don’t have the opportunity of looking back and a big human information would have been lost. So the advantage here is that you can have duplicate, with opportunity of storing it in space but well pass-worded.

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The importance of cyber security in the health industry cannot be over emphases, we speak with an expert on the issue

Crime Fighters: What is Cyber Security?

Dr. Akanmu: These are people who without your password are able to decode and have penetration to information normally they shouldn’t. This information when it get to the wrong hands can be used to the detriment of the person.

Crime Fighters: What are the advantages of data storage electronically in the Health Industry?

Dr. Akanmu: Data and information were collated in hard copies, what it has brought to us today is the ability to key in those information, store and have duplicates of it, and it can be easily retrieve at any point in time. So today medical information and data are captured electronically.

Crime Fighters: What are the advantages of e-information in the health industry?

Dr. Akanmu: Hospital records today should be kept electronically, because the hard copy data don’t last, at most five years and the ink becomes faded and the paper rough. The whole paper can be missing and you don’t have the chance of retrieving it and vital human information would have been lost. So the big advantage is that you can have duplicates of it and there is an opportunity of storing in the cloud but well pass-worded.

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E- Security- Protecting your Iphone

iPhone is a popular brand by the apple company, but how safe or secured is it and how does it differ from other operating systems in the market. Crime fighters spoke to an expert in this field. Read more


The cashless economy system is aimed at enhancing security and eliminating fiscal crimes. Today on the e-security segment, we continue the discourse on the importance and functions of the POS machine in achieving this goal. Read more


Blackberry is a smartphone that is widely embraced in Nigeria because of its high functionalities. But how can we secure ourselves while enjoying its features and some other provisions of the device. We seek expert advice on these.

The brand “blackberry” has become very popular amongst consumers in Nigeria, kindly educate us on what really is the blackberry and how does it differ from other mobile devices operating systems.

Blackberry has a brand of phone has hit the edge. It came in as the most widely set of smartphones having special packages such as blackberry internet subscription that is different from every company or mobile network has brought to us. Also, they have a special edge over other phones in term of their security and data encryption process. Also it bring in the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which at the earlier stage was something everyone want because it is the first widely known high instant messaging application that goes wide and viral

A lot of people go online to communicate or transact one business or the other through their blackberry devices. What basic steps can a user take to protect the data on their blackberry device from being breached or hacked?

Well for blackberry device, the users need not to go extra mile to protect their device because blackberry encryption is superb. It one of the most secure operating system in the world. It takes king of hacker to hack into a blackberry device because your data are secured and protected.

The IMEI number comes with every blackberry device. Kindly tell us more about the IMEI and why every device owner should take note of them

Every device has IMEI number, even phones just coming into the market. Every device is protected by IMEI number. But for blackberry device they went as far as not just having IMEI number, they have a special unique number which is unique to every blackberry device called the pin number which serve as extra protection for the blackberry device. The pin number on blackberry device makes it different from any other blackberry. Two blackberry device pin are never the same. Also, the pin is your unique identifying number through which you can add up your friend on the BBM. If your phone is stolen and flashed the pin number makes it easy to track the location of device using just the pin number.

Apps extend the functionality of our devices, what are the critical points to bear in mind before installing apps on them?
In those days blackberry device used to be a boring device because they have few apps; taking of Os 5, 6 and 7. But for them moving up to Os 10 they made it broader and fun. There so many application there now. You have to read reviews properly before installing an application on your device. Os 10 has android compatibility. But that does not mean all android application can work on it. Some android application just doesn’t work on it. Just ensure to read review before installing the apps to know if it compatible with your Os 10.

Are there software tools through which a blackberry device owner can track a stolen or missing device?

On the blackberry device it is very easy to track any stolen or missing device. Blackberry has an app that can downloaded, call blackberry protect on Os 5, 6, 7 but on Os 10 it is a function you enable on your phone. Once it is enabled let anybody steal your phone just log on to www.protect.blackberry.com and then sign in with your blackberry Id and password. Your pin number is on it, It is will tell you the location of your phone and so many things you can do on the phone such as locate, block, wipe with the blackberry protect. Once you don’t turn on the feature on your phone, if stolen that is the end of the device.

There is a thriving market in Nigeria for used mobile devices or popularly called UK used devices in many parts of the country. But this also brings to the fore the problem of stolen items and genuine ownership of the devices.

There is a slogan that “Blackberry is a black maria”. The most difficult device to buy it’s fairly use or Uk used device is blackberry because of the secured pin it has. Other devices just have an IMEI number that can just be cleared. Even if a blackberry device is cleared, the owner can still track the device through the unique pin number. It is advisable to buy from a credible store or just buy a new device. If you buy from the boys selling on the street you can just buy your way into trouble

What tips or advice do you have for the device owner on how to care for their device and enhance its lifespan

Always do regular software checks and update on your phone. Also allow your battery to drain once in a while before charging. Mind where you charge, keep away from water and use a pouch.

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Here are five ways that you, or law enforcement agents, can use mobile phones to fight crime:

1. Crime Reporting: Mobile phones allow citizens to contact the police immediately and report crimes as they are happening. This can give law enforcement agents more accurate information and the ability to respond to criminal activities faster.

2. Evidence gathering: since most mobile phones are equipped with cameras, bystanders can take pictures or video of crime scenes and criminals. This evidence can be passed on to police or social media almost instantly, giving officers and the public the ability to identify criminals faster.

3. Evidence tracking: for the same reason, a mobile phone could be evidence in a crime. If a person’s mobile phone is stolen, tracking technology could expose the perpetrator. In addition, new smartphone technology, such as kill switches, can reduce the incentive to steal mobile phones in the first place.

4. Suspect tracking: somewhat controversially, law enforcement agents can track a person’s movements using his or her smartphone. While this is frightening for privacy advocates, it can be essential to tracking known criminals, especially in kidnapping scenarios. Knowing exactly where a mobile phone is at a certain point in time can also help law enforcement agency recreate a person’s movements after the fact

5. Officer policing: And, to the chagrin of many an officer trying to get away with murder, mobile phones can provide evidence of impropriety on the part of law enforcement personnel. Mobile phone video, from Eric Garner’s death to teenagers at a pool party, has been used to hold police officers accountable, and has hastened the spread of body cameras worn by officers.
Smartphones, used by citizens or police, can help reduce crime committed by citizens and police, given that all parties use them responsibly.

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The International Mobile Equipment Identification number known as IMEI is what differentiates a device from another and helps keep information about a particular phone or device.

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