In major Cities of the world CCTV are permanent fixtures across the landscape, private residence and business places. They are hanged visibly from the top or other strategic locations. We look at how to prevent crime using this security device. We talk with an expert…
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CRIME FIGHTERS: What is CCTV camera?

Lanre Adeboye: It means Close Circuit Television, in its early days’ people wanted to achieve the remote view of happenings via camera that is what brought about CCTV then; this has to do with cameras connected to the circuit via a recording systems that can be viewed on a TV.


Lanre Adeboye: It is made for the users to have the recording of events that happens why they were not there. But the modern use of CCTV transcended, for example a security personnel can have a view of multiple locations just from his cable.

CRIME FIGHTERS: In what location, can a CCTV system be deployed?

Lanre Adeboye: The CCTV is needed for every situation, either life threatening or peaceful, because now when things happens the CCTV gives us the third eye, it enables proactive security.

CRIME FIGHTERS: What are the features of CCTV systems?

Lanre Adeboye: This comprises of the camera, the recorder and the player, it does not only cover or record on its own, it has what is called a central system, there is also the media through which the camera interacts with the recorder, it can be wireless or wired, talking about wired it can be pure analog cabling and can also be digital.

CRIME FIGHTERS: Tips for buying CCTV system?
Lanre Adeboye: One thing is the resolution of the camera; there are cameras with standard resolution and others who are not. An average camera placed at a particular point can zoom so resolution is very important. Cameras with high resolution will give you more details.

Last modified on Tuesday, 15 November 2016


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